Monday, November 14, 2005

Black Egyptian Mau Stickers for Cat Lovers

Cleo the Black Egyptian Mau Cat sticker with original artwork of black cat on gold background by Rosemary Amey.

I Love My Black Cat bumper sticker

I Love My Egyptian Mau bumper sticker
Stickers are selling well at Compassion Fashion, so today I added 3 more based on my painting of Cleo.

Cleo was the first cat I knew well. My sister adopted her from our vet when we were in high school. Although Cleo has long since passed on, I still have fond memories of her, memories which have led me to adopt more cats (currently Felicity, found on the street, and Gremlin and Tetoun, from the Kensington Market Cat Rescue). Tetoun is a very handsome domestic shorthair black cat.

These stickers are printed on vinyl in quality inks that will not bleed or fade. Buy one to put on your car or bike, and proclaim your love of your pet to the world! Also makes a nice stocking stuffer for your cat-loving friends.


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