Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cat lover gifts: 15 beautiful, cute, and unique designs

Gorgeous brown tabby cat from Full Moon Emporium at CafePress.For all my fellow cat lovers, I've created a page of gifts for cat lovers, including my own cat designs and a selection from other fine CafePress shops.

The beautiful brown tabby cat at the left is from Full Moon Emporium. It reminds me of Pecan, my handsome brown tabby whom I rescued from an abusive situation (physical abuse and neglect). After such horrible treatment, Pecan would have been fully justified in hating humanity, but incredibly, it was just the opposite. Pecan was the only cat I have ever known who liked being hugged. At night he would sleep in my arms.

Pecan passed away after only two years with me (I don't know how old he was when I got him). I still miss him. He was a beautiful soul.


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