Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Beautiful frog painting!

Gorgeous painting of red-eyed treefrog by Kathie MillerI wish I could paint like Kathie Miller does, all of her paintings at her CafePress shop, Art from Nature, are absolutely gorgeous.

I especially love this beautiful red-eyed tree frog, and had to share.

If you'd like the beauty of a RETF in your home, don't buy one from a pet store or breeder. Frogs have special needs which require a lot of research to understand and meet, and do not enjoy socializing with humans—they do not want or appreciate our companionship. I have two African dwarf frogs (rescued from a neighbour who had been given incorrect information about their care, and whose kids were no longer interested), and they still seem to fear for their lives whenever I have to clean the tank. I believe captivity is stressful for frogs; while those who are in captivity should be cared for as best we can, we shouldn't be capturing or breeding frogs for lives in captivity, or financially supporting those who do. Thanks to talented artists like Kathie Miller, we can enjoy the beauty of frogs and other wild animals in our homes, while letting them stay in the wild where they belong.


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