Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gorgeous, gregarious geese!

Soaring Canada Goose © Rosemary Amey.Recently my son and I saw a flock of Canada geese flying north--a welcome sign of spring. In honour of their migration, I've added a new goose design portal to my shop, Compassion Fashion.

Gorgeous goose dreamcatcher by Patrick Shapard.One of my favourite designs I found in searching through the CafePress Market Place is Two Moons - The Goose shown at right. It's one of many beautiful totem animal designs you'll find at Patrick Shapard's shop, Ghost Dog Productions. Be sure to visit his store and admire all the beautiful animal art there—and learn about the symbolism behind each animal totem.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just ran across your shop and found a very sweet comment about my artwork and a plug sending others to my CafePress store and wanted to thank you so much! I; in turn; sent the link to your store to as many friends as I could as a way to say "thanks" for your kindness.
Patrick Shapard

1:04 AM  

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