Friday, November 18, 2005

Sign the petition for more certified fair-labour clothing at CafePress

See Yourself in Others Buddhist vegan/vegetarian T-shirt © Christina ArasmoIf you care about the treatment of workers, please sign Christina Arasmo's petition to get CafePress to offer more sweatshop-free t-shirts (etc).

Christina has a beautiful store at called Vegan of Light. All of the shirts she sells (vegan, vegetarian, and spiritual designs) are certified sweatshop free, made by American Apparel. At the left you can see her beautiful "See Yourself in Others" organic t-shirt.

I'd like to thank Christina for making me aware of the sweatshop issues. She inspired me to carry only adult t-shirts made by American Apparel in my Cafepress shop, Compassion Fashion. (Unfortunately, the baby's and children's shirts in my store are not certified sweatshop free, because CafePress does not yet offer any sweatshop-free clothing for babies and children.)

Please, if you haven't already, sign the petition! CafePress has over 2 million members; you can be sure they are selling a lot of t-shirts, so their decisions have a big impact! Thank you!


Blogger Christina said...

You ROCK! Thank you for spreading the word!

9:53 PM  

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