Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bettas don't like living in vases

Save the bettas design featuring beautiful blue betta illustration by Suzanne's Random Shiznit.I always hated the concept of keeping betta fish in vases (or other tiny bowls), but it was not until I took in Jellybean and researched betta care that I truly understood how horrible betta vases and other fish bowls really are. (The magnet at the left is from Suzanne's Random Shiznit at CafePress.)

Briefly put, keeping fish in bowls kills them, sooner or later. Fish bowls are so small that the fish's bodily wastes build up rapidly to dangerous concentrations, unless you change the water very frequently, which in itself is stressful for the fish. Usually fish bowls are not even filtered. Furthermore, fish bowls are too small to be heated safely. Bettas are tropical fish and like their water around 80°. Living in too-cold water is just one more stress on their system.

Please, if you have a betta or other fish, research its care (there are many excellent sites online) and do all you can to meet his or her needs. Your fish will be happier and healthier. Every pet deserves proper care, no matter how small it is or how cheaply you bought it.


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