Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fish are smarter than most people think!

Red Licorice.People tend to assume that fish, like my son's beautiful betta Red Licorice shown at the left, are pretty mindless, spending their lives swimming around aimlessly, pooping at random, and eating whatever they can. But Dean Pomerleau and his son Kyle are showing the world how smart even small fish like bettas can be, with their Fish School. The fish school site features photos and videos of goldfish, oscars, and a betta performing neat tricks, including playing "fetch" with a human, swimming through hoops, doing the limbo, and even pushing a "soccer ball" into a miniature goal!

The fish are trained using positive reinforcement rather than punishment, and the book stesses the importance of keeping your fish healthy and happy.

I couldn't resist ordering The Fish School E-Book, which shows how to train your fish to do these tricks (including instructions for making the necessary equipment), and also cites fascinating research about fish intelligence. You can also buy ready made fish training equipment at the Fish School website, if you prefer.

I'll be testing the Fish School methods on Red Licorice, and my landlords' goldfish, Queenie, Glitter, Freckles, and Prince Charming.

Of course, regardless of how intelligent fish are, they are creatures with feelings who should be treated kindly. At my store, Compassion Fashion, I offer two fish-rights designs: Bettas Deserve Better and Please, Don't Eat Fish.

For more information about fish, please see PETA's site,

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Personalized lovebirds mugs and steins

James with his new personalized lovebirds stein.Today is my boyfriend's birthday, so I got him one of my new personalized lovebirds stein (also available on a conventional mug).

This is the first time I ordered mugs from Cafepress, and I am very impressed by the crisp, bright image.

If you'd like to get your own lovebirds stein, for yourself or someone you love, visit my personalized lovebirds mugs and steins page. If you don't see the name you want there, just email me at rosemaryamey at sympatico dot ca (convert to conventional email address format).

Monday, January 16, 2006

You can make money by selling Compassion Fashion products!

It's easy to make money with your website, blog, or email, by becoming a Compassion Fashion affiliate! It's free to join, and you make 20% of every purchase made by customers you refer to my shop.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cats in Toronto urgently need homes


The animal rights group I'm most involved with, Freedom for Animals, operates the Kensington Market Stray Cat Rescue.

One of our foster moms needs to find new homes for these cats as soon as possible. Her apartment is no longer a safe place due to criminals in the building.

If you live in the Toronto area, please visit the cat rescue page to read these cats' stories, and consider taking one or two into your home. If you can provide a permanent or foster home, please contact our cat rescue co-ordinator, Suzanne, at 416-591-5120.

And please pass this information on to any Toronto-area cat-lovers you can think of.

We will be devastated if we have to take these cats, who have been through so much before they were rescued, to a shelter where they might be "euthanized". (I do not consider killing healthy animals "euthanasia".)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Loveable lovebirds in time for Valentine's Day!

Lovebirds custom U.S. postage, featuring original artwork by Rosemary Amey. Click to see many more products with this image including t-shirts, boxer shorts, a thong, and *personalized* mugs!Lovebirds are adorable, and what better image for a Valentine's Day gift for the animal lovers in your life?

This colorful painting is available on a wide range of items, including t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, cards, post cards, and more. And for the first time ever, I am offering personalization at no extra cost! Check here first to see if the name you want is available; if not, email me at rosemaryamey at (convert to normal email address format) with the name and product you would like. I'll email you back within 5 days with a link to your personalized item.

If you have room for a lovebird (or should I say a pair of lovebirds) in your home and your heart, please adopt a bird in need from a rescue or shelter. According to the Avian Welfare Coalition, small birds like lovebirds are the most common victims of the "pet" bird overpopulation problem. First learn as much as you can about lovebirds to make sure you can meet their needs: ten things you need to know before adopting a bird is a good place to start. Then contact your local animal shelter or one of the bird placement organizations listed at the Avian Welfare Coalition site.