Thursday, March 30, 2006

Beautiful busy buzzing bees!

Honey Bee Dance from Spice Tree Gift ShopI've been busy as a bee tonight, searching through 2,627 bee designs in the CafePress Market Place to find the very best ones for all you bee lovers out there! That design at the left is Honey Bees Dance from Spice Tree Gift Shop.

Looking for a gift for a gardener, entomologist, or bug lover? Or just want to ask that special someone to "Bee mine"? Check out my selection of the crème de la crème of bee designs!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Keeping fish—just a "hobby"?

I've learned so much from participating in the many aquarium forums on the web, and I'm grateful for that. But sometimes my fellow fish-keepers drive me nuts.

One of my pet peeves is the way that so many people in the fish-keeping community refer to it as "the hobby" (as in, How can we encourage people who are new to the hobby?)

The problem with this was brought home by a recent post. The poster said that recently one of his/her fish died. S/he said something along the lines of, "I was upset at first, but I reminded myself that they're not pets, it's just a hobby."

Excuse me? It is not "just a hobby"—fish are living beings with feelings and needs, and they are completely helpless and dependent on us. We hold responsibility for their lives in our hands! The poster was right to be upset about the death of a fish.

At some point I'll be adding some T-shirts on this theme to my CafePress shop (so many ideas, so little time).

Easter's coming....

Giggle Bunnies mug from Pauselius Art+Designand since the dentist recently found two more cavities in my darling son's mouth I am reflecting on the need for sugar-free Easter goodies. Naturally, as a CafePress Shopkeeper, my thoughts immediately turned to them.

That pretty mug at the right, which features pastel rainbow bunnies, is from the Giggle Bunnies line created by Darice Pauselius of Pauselius Art+Design. (Yes, I know I've mentioned her shop already, but her stuff is so darn cute!)

Love Chocolat poster.Searching through the CafePress Market Place, I discovered many more gems, like the gorgeous "Love Chocolat" poster by a fellow Canadian artist, Loulou. You'll find many great products with variations of her Easter Bunny design at her store,

To see all my latest finds, visit my Easter portal at Compassion Fashion.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Welcome Spring with Adorable Bunnies

My newest designs feature an adorable brown bunny, alone, or with Easter or animal rights slogans.At last, spring is here! Celebrate with my original brown bunny design.

Top left: Brighten your home or office with this cute Hoppy Easter poster (see more Hoppy Easter products; more posters).

Top center: This pretty pink Hoppy Easter ornament will dress up your Easter tree or wall (see more pink Hoppy Easter products; more ornaments).

Top right: Looking for a baby shower gift? Welcome spring babies with a sweet Brown Bunny bib! (see more Brown Bunny products; more bibs).

Bottom left: Stop animal testing with a Buy Cruelty Free Jr. Raglan (sleeves in your choice of light blue (shown), pink, or black). Text reads: "Save bunnies. Buy cruelty free." (see more Buy Cruelty Free products; more Jr. Raglans).

Bottom center: This cushy Brown Bunny Throw Pillow will look great in your child's room! (see more Brown Bunny products; more throw pillows).

Bottom right: Carry your vegan shopping home the environmentally friendly way with a Buy Cruelty Free Tote Bag (see more Buy Cruelty Free products; more tote bags).

Not quite what you had in mind? Browse the CafePress MarketPlace for more great gifts for rabbit lovers, vegans, and animal rights activists: